No, there is commission or hidden charges on sale of used products, new items and services.

yes, seller’s full address and mobile no. is shown with the ads. As we don’t charge any commission or other hidden charges on these ads.

yes, there is direct link between the seller and the customer. we have no interference between the both parties regarding any commission on sale proceed.

There is no limit of posting free ads by a single person. means a person can upload any number of free ads till date.

It is more effective as compare to other ads, as you can show 10 images 3 mb each and 2 other attachments in different formats of 10 mb each. as such you can upload upto 50 mb data at time.

The special feature of this ad is that you can edit your ad any time . means you can edit all the particulars; title, description, and other fields. You can also change images and other attachments any time.