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any person of any age may Post His Ideas, Suggestions or any other views on Topic. These may be related with common problems, on any scientific or managerial subjects. There are no boundaries of any subject.

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Some Example of Ideas and Suggestions are as follows;

-How Our Country can Grow

-How Our Education system can be improved.

-How Corruption can be removed.

-How the problems of peasants (Kisans) can be removed, and there financial condition can be improved.

-How Transport system can be improved.

-How we can compete with Chine or Other Countries.

-How to grow our industry and Business.

-How to Develop Our Personality.

-How to prepare for the exams.

-How to Gain Confidence.

-How Dowry system can be abolished.

-How the problem of Unemployment can be decreased of Removed.

-How the problem of Pollution can be solved.

-How Inter State problems can be solved.

-How to Deal with Rule 370 in J&K.